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  1. Police officers face an increased risk of developing cerebro-cardiovascular diseases (CVD). However, current literature lacks population-based cohort studies specifically focusing on this association. This stu...

    Authors: Juyeon Ko, Hyunji Park, Sungha Park, Dae-hee Kim and Jaelim Cho
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2024 30:18
  2. This study explores the impact of intensive blood pressure (BP) control on left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) incidence and evaluates the prognostic implications of LVH status (pre-existing/new-onset/persisten...

    Authors: Zhuxin Zhang, Le Li, Zhenhao Zhang, Zhao Hu, Yulong Xiong, Likun Zhou and Yan Yao
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2024 30:17
  3. The current standard approach to measuring home blood pressure (BP) involves taking measurements while sitting in a chair. In cultures where floor sitting is common, including Korea, assessing BP while sitting...

    Authors: Byung Sik Kim, Young-Hyo Lim, Woohyeun Kim, Hyungdon Kook, Jeong-Hun Shin, Yonggu Lee, Ran Heo, Hyun-Jin Kim and Jinho Shin
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2024 30:16
  4. Heart failure (HF) remains a significant global health burden, and hypertension is known to be the primary contributor to its development. Although aggressive hypertension treatment can prevent heart changes i...

    Authors: Kyeong-Hyeon Chun and Seok-Min Kang
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2024 30:15
  5. This article introduces the updated version of the Iranian guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension in adults. The initial version of the national guideline was developed in 2011 and updated i...

    Authors: Fahimeh Bagherikholenjani, Shahla Shahidi, Alireza Khosravi, Asieh Mansouri, Vahid Ashoorion and Nizal Sarrafzadegan
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2024 30:13
  6. Under the adverse remodeling of the right ventricle and interventricular septum in pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) the left ventricle (LV) dynamics is impaired. Despite the benefits of combined aerobic a...

    Authors: Luciano Bernardes Leite, Leôncio Lopes Soares, Alexandre Martins Oliveira Portes, Thayana Inácia Soares, Bruna Aparecida Fonseca da Silva, Taís Rodrigues Dias, Sebastião Felipe Ferreira Costa, Luiz Otávio Guimarães-Ervilha, Mirian Quintão Assis, Victor Neiva Lavorato, Albená Nunes da Silva, Mariana Machado-Neves, Emily Correna Carlo Reis and Antônio José Natali
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2024 30:12
  7. Hypertension is an important modifiable risk factor for morbidity and mortality associated with cardiovascular disease. The incidence of hypertension is increasing not only in Korea but also in many Western co...

    Authors: Jung Sun Cho and Jae-Hyeong Park
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2024 30:11
  8. Hypertension is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Hypertension mostly accompanies no symptoms, and therefore blood pressure (BP) measurement is the only way for early recognition and time...

    Authors: Su A Noh, Hwang-Soo Kim, Si-Hyuck Kang, Chang-Hwan Yoon, Tae-Jin Youn and In-Ho Chae
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2024 30:9
  9. Left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) strongly predicts cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and death. One-fourth of Thai adults suffer from hypertension. Nevertheless, the information on LVH among Thai patients with h...

    Authors: Boonsub Sakboonyarat, Jaturon Poovieng and Ram Rangsin
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2024 30:8
  10. The Korea Hypertension Fact Sheet 2023, presented by the Korean Society of Hypertension, offers an overview of the prevalence and management of hypertension, along with recent trends.

    Authors: Hyeon Chang Kim, Hokyou Lee, Hyeok-Hee Lee, Dasom Son, Minsung Cho, Sojung Shin, Yeeun Seo and Eun-Jin kim
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2024 30:7
  11. Improving adherence to antihypertensive medication (AHM) is a key challenge in hypertension management. This study aimed to assess the impact of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) on AHM adherence.

    Authors: Hack-Lyoung Kim, So-Jeong Park, Yoon-Jong Bae, Sang Hyum Ihm, Jinho Shin and Kwang-Il Kim
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2024 30:6
  12. Sleep disturbance is a common among people with hypertension. However, the mediating role of sleep disturbance in the association between hypertension and depression remains unclear. This study aims to investi...

    Authors: Kamaluddin Latief, Samuel Akyirem, Siriluk Sithichoksakulchai, Dieta Nurrika, Mokh. Sujarwadi and Faizul Hasan
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2024 30:5
  13. Globally, high systolic blood pressure accounts for 10.8 million deaths annually. The deaths are disproportionately higher among black people. The reasons for this disparity are poorly understood, but could in...

    Authors: David Mukunya, Milton W. Musaba, Brendah Nambozo, Faith Oguttu, Brian Tonny Makoko, Agnes Napyo, Ritah Nantale, Solomon Wani, Josephine Tumuhamye, Prossy Auma, Ketty Atim, Joan Wamulugwa, Doreck Nahurira, Dedan Okello, Lawrence Ssegawa, Julius Wandabwa…
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2024 30:4
  14. This study aimed to determine the association between body mass index (BMI) and abdominal obesity with hypertension among the South Asian adults (18–69 years).

    Authors: Rajat Das Gupta, Ateeb Ahmad Parray, Rohan Jay Kothadia, Orindom Shing Pulock, Susmita Dey Pinky, Shams Shabab Haider, Maxwell Akonde and Mohammad Rifat Haider
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2024 30:3
  15. This study aimed to examine the associations of leisure time physical activity (LTPA) and occupational physical activity (OPA) with the prevalence of hypertension, while exploring the sex disparities in these ...

    Authors: Min Jeong Cho, Yong Joon Jung, Ho Jeong Min, Hyun Jeong Kim, Setor K. Kunutsor and Sae Young Jae
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2024 30:1
  16. The six-minute walk test (6MWT) is an established exercise test for patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), affording insight into both exercise intolerance and overall prognosis. Despite the wide...

    Authors: Jung Hyun Choi, Myung-Jun Shin, Byeong-Ju Lee and Jae-Hyeong Park
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:33
  17. In all studies conducted so far, there was no report about the correlation between excessive gestational weight gain (GWG) and the risk of preeclampsia (PE) in multiparas, especially considering that multipari...

    Authors: Chao Chen, Zhijun Lei, Yaoxi Xiong, Meng Ni, Biwei He, Jing Gao, Panchan Zheng, Xianjing Xie, Chengrong He, Xingyu Yang and Weiwei Cheng
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:32
  18. Arterial stiffness and hypertension are closely related in pathophysiology. Chronic high blood pressure (BP) can lead to arterial wall damage by mechanical stress, endothelial dysfunction, increased inflammati...

    Authors: Hack-Lyoung Kim
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:31
  19. Although reports vary, the prevalence of true resistant hypertension and apparent treatment-resistant hypertension (aTRH) has been reported to be 10.3% and 14.7%, respectively. As there is a rapid increase in ...

    Authors: Sungha Park, Jinho Shin, Sang Hyun Ihm, Kwang-il Kim, Hack-Lyoung Kim, Hyeon Chang Kim, Eun Mi Lee, Jang Hoon Lee, Shin Young Ahn, Eun Joo Cho, Ju Han Kim, Hee-Taik Kang, Hae-Young Lee, Sunki Lee, Woohyeun Kim and Jong-Moo Park
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:30
  20. The gains from successful antiretroviral therapy (ART) roll-out could be compromised by the increasing burden of non-communicable diseases, particularly cardiovascular diseases among people living with HIV (PL...

    Authors: Oluwatosin Odubela, Nkiruka Odunukwe, Nasheeta Peer, Adesola Zaidat Musa, Babatunde Lawal Salako and Andre Pascal Kengne
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:29
  21. Accurate blood pressure (BP) measurement is crucial for hypertension detection and management. The Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES) assesses the health of Koreans using represen...

    Authors: Hack-Lyoung Kim, Sang Min Park, In Jeong Cho, Yu-Mi Kim, Dae-Hee Kim, Sung Hye Kim, Kwang-Il Kim, Ki-Chul Sung, Sang-Hyun Ihm, Jinho Shin, Yoonjung Kim, Kyungwon Oh and Eun Mi Lee
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:28
  22. Hypertensive crisis is among the causes of morbidity and mortality in adult patients with hypertension in Sub-Saharan Africa. We aimed to determine the burden, risk factors and describe the management strategi...

    Authors: Said S. Kilindimo, Ahmed Abdulkarim, Alphonce N. Simbila, Raynald Harrison, Lucy Shirima, Farida Abdallah, Aliasghar G. Mukhtar, Juma Mfinanga, Joseph Saika, Emanuel Kisanga and Hendry R. Sawe
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:27
  23. The relationship between the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) and serum homocysteine (Hcy) levels or H-type hypertension in different populations is inconsistent. T...

    Authors: Xi-Jiang Hu, Mei-Ru Su, Bao-Wei Cao, Fa-Bang Ou, Rui-Xing Yin and An-De Luo
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:26
  24. Nocturnal blood pressure (BP) has been shown to have a significant predictive value for cardiovascular disease. In some cases, it has a superior predictive value for future cardiovascular outcomes than daytime...

    Authors: Sungha Park, Sang-Hyun Ihm, In-Jeong Cho, Dae-Hee Kim, Jae Hyeong Park, Woo-Baek Chung, Seonghoon Choi, Hae Young Lee, Hyeon Chang Kim, Il Suk Sohn, Eun Mi Lee, Ju Han Kim, Kwang-il Kim, Eun Joo Cho, Ki-Chul Sung, Jinho Shin…
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:25
  25. The Korean Society of Hypertension has published the Korea Hypertension Fact Sheet 2022 to provide an overview of the magnitude and management status of hypertension and their recent trends.

    Authors: Hyeon Chang Kim, Hokyou Lee, Hyeok-Hee Lee, Gabin Lee, Eunji Kim, Moses Song, Jenny Moon and Yeeun Seo
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:22
  26. Non-dipping or reverse dipping patterns are known to be associated with adverse cardiovascular prognosis among the general population and clinical cohort. Few large sized studies have explored factors includin...

    Authors: Byung Sik Kim, Ju Han Kim, Wan Kim, Woo Shik Kim, Sungha Park, Sang Jae Lee, Jang Young Kim, Eun Mi Lee, Sang Hyun Ihm, Wook Bum Pyun, Jeong-Hun Shin and Jinho Shin
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:21
  27. Empathy is the core of the physician-patient relationship. The Consultation and Relational Empathy (CARE) measure is a useful tool for assessing patient-rated empathy. There have been scarce data on empathy in...

    Authors: Ran Heo, Jinho Shin, Byung Sik Kim, Hyun-Jin Kim, Kye-Yeung Park, Hoon-Ki Park, Yu Mi Kim, Seon Young Hwang and Stewart W. Mercer
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:19
  28. This review aims to describe existing evidence on the state of hypertension in Pakistan, including the prevalence, associated risk factors, preventive strategies, and challenges in the management of hypertension.

    Authors: Adil Elahi, Arzina Aziz Ali, Aamir Hameed Khan, Zainab Samad, Hunaina Shahab, Namra Aziz and Aysha Almas
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:17
  29. High levels of d-dimer, a marker of thrombotic events, are associated with poor outcomes in patients with various cardiovascular diseases. However, there has been no research on its prognostic implications in acu...

    Authors: Byung Sik Kim and Jeong-Hun Shin
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:16
  30. Cuffless blood pressure (BP) measurement, enabled by recent advances in wearable devices, allows for BP monitoring in daily life. This study aims to evaluate the feasibility, cresdence, and usefulness of cuffl...

    Authors: Yongjun Jang, Jong-Mo Seo, Sang-Hyun Ihm and Hae Young Lee
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:15
  31. Fluid overload secondary to loss of functional nephron mass can elevate blood pressure, which is characteristic of hypertension shown in chronic kidney disease (CKD). Therefore, it is logical to use diuretics ...

    Authors: Wonji Jo, Eun Sil Koh and Sungjin Chung
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:14
  32. The prevalence of hypertension (HT) among young adults aged 18 to 39 years is estimated to be 3.7% to 8.6% worldwide. Although the prevalence of HT in young adults is lower than that of the overall population,...

    Authors: Donghun Shin, JungMin Choi and Hae-Young Lee
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:13
  33. Reducing salt intake helps prevent complications of cerebrovascular disease. To help patients accept a low-sodium diet, the salty taste test is used to evaluate how much salt an individual actually consumes. T...

    Authors: Seon-Hee Yang, Jea-Chul Ha and Min-Ji Kim
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:12
  34. High blood pressure (HBP), including hypertension (HTN), is a predictor of cardiovascular events, and is an emerging challenge in young persons. The risk of cardiovascular events may be further amplified among...

    Authors: Richard Migisha, Alex Riolexus Ario, Daniel Kadobera, Lilian Bulage, Elizabeth Katana, Alex Ndyabakira, Peter Elyanu, Julius N. Kalamya and Julie R. Harris
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:6
  35. Many of the existing research studies have shown that serum uric acid (SUA) is a predictor of renal disease progression. More recently, studies have suggested an association between renal function-normalized S...

    Authors: Ryuichi Kawamoto, Asuka Kikuchi, Daisuke Ninomiya, Yoshio Tokumoto and Teru Kumagi
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:10
  36. More than 30 randomized controlled trials, supported by individual patient-level and group-level meta-analyses and a Delphi analysis of expert opinion, unequivocally show isometric resistance training (IRT) el...

    Authors: Biggie Baffour-Awuah, Melissa J. Pearson, Gudrun Dieberg, Jonathan D. Wiles and Neil A. Smart
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:9
  37. Little is known about the characteristics of arterial stiffness in heart failure (HF). This study was performed to compare the degree of arterial stiffness and its association with left ventricular (LV) diasto...

    Authors: Hack-Lyoung Kim, Jaehoon Chung, Seokmoon Han, Hyun Sung Joh, Woo-Hyun Lim, Jae-Bin Seo, Sang-Hyun Kim, Joo-Hee Zo and Myung-A Kim
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:8
  38. Leigh syndrome is a progressive neurodegenerative mitochondrial disorder caused by multiple genetic etiologies with multisystemic involvement that mostly affecting the central nervous system with high rate of ...

    Authors: Ana Solis, Joshua Shimony, Marwan Shinawi and Kevin T. Barton
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:7
  39. Hypertension is the leading cause of death in human being, which shows high prevalence and associated complications that increase the mortality and morbidity. Controlling blood pressure (BP) is very important ...

    Authors: Hack-Lyoung Kim, Eun Mi Lee, Shin Young Ahn, Kwang-il Kim, Hyeon Chang Kim, Ju Han Kim, Hae-Young Lee, Jang Hoon Lee, Jong-Moo Park, Eun Joo Cho, Sungha Park, Jinho Shin and Young-Kwon Kim
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:11
  40. The vitamin D receptor (VDR) gene serves as a good candidate gene for susceptibility to essential hypertension. The gene regulates the renin angiotensin system by influencing blood pressure regulation. Around 3% ...

    Authors: Richa Awasthi, Priyanka Thapa Manger and Rajesh Kumar Khare
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:5
  41. The association between cardiovascular risk factors and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is well established, but whether cardiovascular health (CVH) metrics is associated with NAFLD had not been fully...

    Authors: Sun Young Shim, Sun Jae Jung, Seung Up Kim and Hyeon Chang Kim
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2023 29:3

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