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Table 2 Risks of hypertension with abiraterone

From: Risk of hypertension in cancer patients treated with abiraterone: a meta-analysis

  MOA Incidence (95% CI) Relative risk
(95% CI)
abiraterone and prednisone Androgen biosynthesis (CYP-17 inhibitor) 21.9% (13.6–33.2%) 1.80 (1.47–2.19) This study
enzalutamide [26] Anti-Androgen receptor 14% 3.41 Package insert a
leuprolide [34] Androgen biosynthesis (LHRH analogs) 6.6% NA Package insert
firmagon [35] Androgen biosynthesis (LHRH antagonist) 7% NA Package insert
  1. Abbreviations: MOA Mechanism of action, LHRH Luteinizing hormone releasing hormone. a The incidence and RR were calculated from PREVAIL trial