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Table 4 Cost implication findings from various studies

From: A review on prescribing patterns of antihypertensive drugs

Author Name Number of subjects involved Mono-/combination therapy prescribed Observation/Remarks
Rachana et al. [30] 300 prescriptions Mono (48.94 %), CCB Costliest - Alpha-blocker
Cost effective - Diuretic
Amira and Okubadejo [31] 225 black patients CCB Cost effective - Amiloride
Rimoy [8] 600 patients Diuretics Govt. shops drugs 5–6 times cheaper than private shops
Fisher and Avorn [32] 133,624 patients Combination (CCB + ACEI) Adherence to guidelines result in savings
Osibogun and Okwor [33] 147 prescriptions Diuretics 79.6 % Co-morbid conditions had high cost prescriptions