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Table 2 Factors related to tolerability in intensive blood pressure control

From: A clinical algorithm to determine target blood pressure in the elderly: evidence and limitations from a clinical perspective

Factor Clinical features
Functional status or physical fitness Frailty, disability
Symptomatic aspects Weakness, dizziness, fatigue
Diagnostic aspects Standardized office blood pressure measurement
Exclusion of orthostatic hypotension: orthostatic blood pressure measurement
Assessment of white-coat effect or masked effect
Application of home or ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
Hemodynamic aspects Orthostatic hypotension
Volume depletion or poor oral intake
Presence of vascular stenosis in coronary, renal, and/or cerebral arteries
Related clinical event history Injurious fall
Acute kidney injury
Electrolytes abnormalities
Speed of up-titration Large pulse pressure
Frail patients