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Table 5 Best cutoff values of baseline WHtR to predict hypertension in the cross-sectional and cohort studies

From: Usefulness of waist-to-height ratio in screening incident hypertension among Japanese community-dwelling middle-aged and elderly individuals

Cross-sectional studyN = 1727Cutoff valueSensitivitySpecificityPPVNPVEfficiency
 MenN = 7680.525044.3%80.2%69.1%59.0%62.2%
 WomenN = 9590.537660.9%68.6%66.0%63.7%64.8%
Cohort studyN = 419Cutoff valueSensitivitySpecificityPPVNPVEfficiency
 MenN = 1640.470185.4%39.8%58.7%73.2%62.6%
 WomenN = 2550.513666.7%58.2%61.5%62.6%62.5%
  1. PPV positive predictive value; NPV negative predictive value