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Table 5 Haplotype association (Custom)

From: Association of angiotensinogen gene SNPs and haplotypes with risk of hypertension in eastern Indian population

Haplotype db SNP ID Frequencies p value
rs5046 rs5049 rs11568020 rs5050 rs5051 rs2148582 rs3789679 rs4762 rs699 Hypertensive Normotensive
H1 CGGAGTCCT C G G A G T C C T 0.201 0.229 0.330
H2 CGGAACCCC C G G A A C C C C 0.153 0.230 0.005
H3 TAGAACCCC T A G A A C C C C 0.198 0.225 0.352
H4 CGGCACCTC C G G C A C C T C 0.143 0.081 0.007
H5 CGGAACTCC C G G A A C T C C 0.088 0.079 0.667
H6 CGGCACCCC C G G C A C C C C 0.021 0.011 0.269
H7 CGGCGTCCT C G G C G T C C T 0.047 0.004 0.001
H8 CGACACCCC C G A C A C C C C 0.031 0.006 0.018
H9 CGGAGTCCC C G G A G T C C C 0.015 0.026 0.297
H10 CAGAACCCC C A G A A C C C C 0.012 0.013 0.904
H11 CGGAACCTC C G G A A C C T C 0.017 0.027 0.349
H12 TAGCACCCC T A G C A C C C C 0.016 0.002 0.065
H13 CGGAACCCT C G G A A C C C T 0.019 0.026 0.545
  1. Significance values are italicized, Level of significance < 0.05