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Table 3 Observations from different studies highlighting antihypertensive drug utilization and adherence

From: A review on prescribing patterns of antihypertensive drugs

Author Name Number of subjects involved Observation/Remarks
Xavier et al. [20] 380 patients Small doses of different classes of antihypertensive drug are more beneficial than a high dose of one
Shipra et al. [21] 22 prescription pattern monitoring studies Antihypertensive utilization pattern is in accordance with the international guidelines different antihypertensive drug combinations in practice has a positive impact on the overall BP control
Murphy et al. [22] 51 studies No significant differences in urban versus rural settings
Odili et al. [23] 501 case notes Fair compliance with stated guidelines
Ahmad et al. [24] 13 doctors for 320 hypertensive patients Doctors poorly adhered to Malaysian Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG)-2008 in hypertensive patients with diabetes and LVH. A better hypertension control was seen with ACEIs and guidelines-adherent therapy
Abdulameer et al. [25] 303 Cardiac complicated hypertension 85.30 % adherence to guidelines