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Table 2 Findings from different studies conducted to evaluate prescribing pattern of antihypertensive drugs

From: A review on prescribing patterns of antihypertensive drugs

Author name No. subjects involved Mono-/combination therapy prescribed Antihypertensive drug class Observation/Remarks
Caceres et al. [13] 100 % of the Extremadura population Monotherapy ARBs, ACEIs Use of ARBs increased over ACEIs
Xu et al. [14] 59 hospitals’ databases Monotherapy CCBs, ARBs, ACEIs, BBs, and diuretics The top-prescribed antihypertensive drug classes were CCBs and ARBs
Liu and Wang [15] 6,536 Mono and combination CCBs (17.7 %), CCBs + beta-blockers (7.7 %) CCBs and BBs were the most prescribed antihypertensives
Joseph et al. [16] 165 Two or more CCB 87.27 % prescriptions were found rational
Beg et al. [17] 645 Two or more ARB 225 antihypertensives were from essential medicines list
Gu et al. [18] 9320 Multiple ARB With Single pill combination 55 % likelihood of BP control
Al-Drabah et al. [19] 416 Mono (192) ACEIs Most patients did not achieve target BP